Pumpkin Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls

Ever want a sliiiightly fall bread, but not want to go for the full sweet loaf we so often think of as pumpkin bread? These rolls have a hint of the floral pumpkin sense on your tongue when you eat them, that just hint at fall, but still fit with your dinner. I first foundContinue reading “Pumpkin Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls”

Election Night Baking – Sourdough Discard Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins

2020 has been a year. I think we can all agree this has been the year of cortisol. This election has divided our nation and we are all freaking out. Many of my friends have talked about plans to distract ourselves today and ensure we are not watching returns all night. I kept myself busyContinue reading “Election Night Baking – Sourdough Discard Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins”

Ginger Pumpkin Muffins

The request that started a blog. Although sugary treats are my guilty pleasure, I also created some healthy (well, healthier) bakes. Since I have chronic migraines, I needed quick, nutritious bakes that could also be easily portable. I took my muffins and banana breakfast bites to early morning clinic appointments, infusion sessions, and even toContinue reading “Ginger Pumpkin Muffins”

Recipe: Ginger Pumpkin Muffins

Makes 12 muffins. I use a non-stick muffin tray, but if you are concerned, you can insert paper muffin cups or grease your pan. Ingredients 72 g coconut oil 65 g ginger syrup 25 g honey 225 g pumpkin puree 2 eggs (or Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer) 1/4 cup milk of your choice (IContinue reading “Recipe: Ginger Pumpkin Muffins”