Banana Breakfast Bites

My most requested / shared / appreciated creation. 

A few years ago, the two-ingredient banana / oat cookies were making the rounds of the internet. Like everyone else, I gave them a try and began experimenting. Bananas and oats, well, that is a healthy start. How can I make these more nutritious? How can I pack more protein in? I tried flax seeds, chia seeds, nuts, berries, frozen fruits, and dried fruits. I added chocolate chips or butterscotch chips for a sweet element. I tried adding spices, vanilla, salt, or maple syrup. 

Where did I get all of these bananas? I’m lucky enough to work at an organization that keeps our kitchens well stocked. We have a wide variety of fresh fruit each week, and at the end of the week they have to throw away bananas that have gone too brown. Wisely, I developed a relationship with our catering staff, resulting in boxes full of donated brown bananas. 

What do you do with 20 brown bananas? The best way to store them is to peel them immediately, line them up in ziploc bags, and freeze them. Defrosted bananas are just as good for baking as fresh brown bananas (oxymoron).

Once frozen, these bananas last forever and are ready for you whenever you want to bake. I almost always have a banana bag or two in my freezer, ready for banana breakfast bites, banana bread, or banana cake. 

I’m including my favorite healthy recipe for banana bites, but you can adapt these as many ways as you can imagine.

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