Well, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

Social distancing. Shelter in place. Quarantine. Baking.

I started baking four years ago after a heartbreak — where I couldn’t sit still and the only thing that soothed me was Mary Berry’s voice. I spent hours watching the Great British Bake Off on loop and figured, if they can do it, so can I. Thus began my journey of trying to bake all the things. Some were successes, others failures, but over the years, I’ve learned and improved. I started innovating, creating recipes, sharing my work, and selling to friends. Along the way, I started creating bakes that cater to my chronic migraines. More recently, 2018 was a rough year with a 10 month migraine. Thankfully, I had baking to help keep me sane and fed, when I couldn’t handle real cooking. 

In this weird, almost apocalyptic time, friends started asking for my recipes to bake at home for their families. Baking is one of those happy, safe spaces that makes me feel in control. Recipe development reminds me of my creativity and eating something I made gives me a sense of accomplishment. Sharing my bakes with friends and family is a way of showing my love. In a time where I can no longer even see those I love, it seems a perfect time to start sharing those recipes in an organized manner. Perhaps in this way, I can continue to virtually feed others.

So, welcome. I hope you enjoy.

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